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This guarentees you a spot on the commision list. Price will change based on what is asked for. 

Commission Slot

    • Payment required before work is sent out.
    • Refunds only available for damaged goods which you will be required to send back in order to get a refund.
    • You have 30 days to reach out to me to get started on your piece. After 30 days, your slot will be put back up on the site where you will have to "repurchase" to start the process over.
    • I reserve the right to cancel a request at any time. Should a cancellation occur, you will be refunded the full price you paid.
    • Payment plans are available. Let me know when I contact you, after I price the product out, if you need a plan. Payment must be completed fully before work is sent.
    • All rules stated above continue into character commissions.

    • With a character commission you get a painted version, a non-painted version, and a clear resin "invisible" version.

    • For an extra fee, you can get a case for your character to be shipped in.

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